5th and 6th class focused on exploring anti bullying in the form of making a patch work blanket. Children throughout our stay safe programme talked about the different types of bullying that goes on in both children’s and even adult’s lives. Some forms of bullying are: cyber bullying, physical bullying and emotional bullying. We all agreed that bullying is wrong.

We designed ways to eliminate bullying in school. We came to the conclusion that we are a telling school and if we are worried we should tell an adult our problem. All our designs were then glued onto the fabric. We then stitched the designs together to make a blanket.

Here is our end result. We are all extremely pleased with the end result and hope you are too!



Here are some poems we wrote about bullying:


Bullying is bad,

It really makes people sad,

Think how you would feel,

Bullying is mean,

The damage is really seen,

Think before you act.


Bullying is wrong,

So you’ve got to stay strong,

Don’t think about what they say,

And walk away.

Tell your teacher, Mum or Dad,

Don’t let their comments make you sad,

An adult will guide you along,

You’re in the right,

The bully’s in the wrong.


I sit in the yard every day,

Watching the kids go play.

They leave me out, They always shout,


As I sit in the yard everyday,

Watching the kids go play,

A tear goes down along my face,

They always laugh and say,

“Go … Away”

No Bully Zone

Bullying is horrible,

Its stooping way too low,

It makes me think if people have a heart at all,

I don’t know how they do it,

Criticizing other people and making them miserable.

They don’t seem to care about the damage they are doing.