it-dublino-soggiorno-linguistico-20282About 600 primary and junior school pupils from all over Dublin and Glendalough filled Christ Church Cathedral Thursday (October 15) for the annual diocesan schools’ service. The service, which was full of joy, great singing and some drumming, had its theme ‘We, though many, are one body in Christ’.

Drawing on the theme of the service, the preacher, Canon Roy Byrne, spoke of all the things that make up Christ Church Cathedral. The children supplied him with some of the information including the organ, the Archbishop’s throne or cathedra and the stained glass.

Canon Byrne added some historic and slightly creepy elements of his own – items which have been found in the dusty crevices and cupboards of the hidden passageways, underground storage rooms and vast attics of the cathedral.

These included a ‘widow’s mite’ or coin which was minted 2100 years ago. This coin was referred to in St Mark’s Gospel. He then revealed a historic metal plate which had been attached to the top of a coffin of a long dead archbishop who was buried in the crypt. His final and most ghoulish exhibit was a broken sword which was found 200 years ago beside a soldier who had died in the crypt having been locked in after a funeral.

After the service we were allowed to wander around the Cathedral and take in the breathtaking architecture. When we went down stairs, we discovered the mummified cat and the rat in the crypt, which was found in the organ 200 years ago. 6th class enjoyed their trip to Christ Church Cathedral. The_cat_and_the_rat_Christ_Church_Cathedral_in_Dublin_02