Monster doodle

On Wednesday, the 2nd of December, 2015, we were lucky to have both Niamh Sharkey, a Holmpatrick N.S. parent and well known author and illustrator, as well as,  Shane Hegarty, author of the children’s book “Darkmouth”, visit Holmpatrick National School.

Niamh carried out a Monster Doodle with the children from Junior to 2nd class. While 3rd  -6th  class were in for a treat because Shane had an exciting presentation in store for them all. His fun and humorous character and his funny jokes and comments caught everyone’s attention. Everyone laughed and had an amazing time. md 2

He displayed his eye- catching power-point that drew everyone into his fascinating world. Shane described many exotic monsters, he added into his book and showed everyone his exciting map (which resembled Skerries), where all his heart pounding adventures occurred. Soon he described how he became an author and we were laughing all the way.

Finally to conclude his fun presentation, he gave 3rd– 6th signatures in each of their books and most received a whole hearted high five. Everyone filed into the main building where Shane and Niamh donated a generous amount of books to our school libraries from Children’s Books Ireland.

All students engaged eagerly with Niamh and Shane, and judging by the quality of questions posed by students and doodles doodled, it’s quite likely Holmpatrick National School may well produce successful novelists and illustrators in the near future.  Everyone enjoyed their visit and it was a day everyone will remember.

29/01/2015 Pictured here is Shane Hegarty at the signing of his debut children’s novel, Darkmouth, in Eason O’Connell Street. Hegarty’s book, Darkmouth, is currently on sale in Eason stores nationwide and online at retailing at €11.99. Picture Andres Poveda For further information, please contact: Kristin Fox @ Wilson Hartnell 087 221 1916 / 01 669 0030