On the 18th of May, the senior side of the school were ecstatic to receive a visit from Sabina. Sabina is one of the mothers from our school community. She came to speak to us all about Italy.

Italy is located in Southern Europe. It sticks out into the Mediterranean Sea. The United States is about 33 times larger than Italy. About 58 million people live in Italy.

Italy’s largest cities are Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin and Palermo. Florence, Genoa and Bologna are other important  cities. There is a famous saying, “All roads lead to Rome”. Rome is Italy’s  capital and it’s largest city. Rome is also known as “the eternal city”.

Much of the land in Italy is used for farming. By the end of Sabina’s presentation we all knew all there was about Italy.

Just before she left we were lucky enough to get a taste of homemade pizza! Delicious!!!! 🙂


It was a very enjoyable Geography lesson, we wish all lessons ended with pizza!