On the 15th of February, Albane from Alouette language school visited 5th and 6th class to give us a taster of the French language. We learnt the French alphabet and numbers and the pronunciations. In addition, we also learned basic greetings in French such as: Bonjour, Oui, Non, Comment ca va? As well as how to introduce ourselves to others: Je m’appelle…, J’habite á Skerries, J’ai _____ ans.

Did you know that objects and items in the French language can be masculine or feminine. See the table below:

Did you know that Skerries is twinned with Guichen in France.

Here is some fun facts about France:

  • France is also referred to as a Hexagon due to geometrical shape of the country.
  • France is the most popular country in the world for tourism.
  • The Mont-Blanc, in the Alps, is the highest peak in Europe. (4807m)
  • French is spoken in Canada, different countries in Africa (Morocco, Algeria…) and French Polynesia…
  • French fries and French toast are not French. The croissant was invented in Austria.

It was a very enjoyable lesson for 5th and 6th class! Au revoir! 🙂