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Skerries Soundwaves Festival

Skerries Soundwaves Artwork

Skerries Soundwaves Skerries Soundwaves is an annual festival which celebrates local talent of artists, musicians and many more. This year’s theme was sea life and ancient Ireland. All the local primary schools in the area were fortunate to be assigned a local artist to help them with their project. Everybody in 5th and 6th class […]

Zoo in the Class

Zoo in the Class On Tuesday 24th of February 2015, Jim from Dublin Zoo came to visit Holmpatrick N.S to teach 1st­-6th class about animals. 3rd-­6th was taught in the porter cabin. This article is about what we learned. Jim explained lots of facts about animals. He brought in multiple skins of wild cats and other […]

Dublin Zoo

Tuesday.. On the 24th of February a man from Dublin zoo named Jim came to talk to Holmpatrick N.S in Skerries all about Dublin zoo. He came at 11:10 for an hour he was so interesting that know one wanted him to leave.Jim let all the children feel all the different animal pelts. Dublin zoo […]

Learning all about China

China by 1st and 2nd class We learned all about China. It was so much fun. We learned some really interesting facts. Did you know that China is the fourth largest country in the world? It is in North East Asia. They have a very different style of writing to us. They have no alphabet; […]