On the 24th of February a man from Dublin zoo named Jim came to talk to Holmpatrick N.S in Skerries all about Dublin zoo. He came at 11:10 for an hour he was so interesting that know one wanted him to leave.Jim let all the children feel all the different animal pelts.

Dublin zoo opened in 1881 and got alot of attention from the public. Jim showed a slideshow with all the different animals everyone loved the panda’s.


Here are some of the things the children learned…for instance elephants have huge teeth and have a triangle mouth and they would not survive without their trunks also they learned that elephants have huge feet without any bones in their heels so they tip toe everywhere.

Jim told them how turtles lay over 100 eggs they lay them on the top part of the beach under the sand and bury them in a deep hole to keep them safe from predators.

Dublin zoo has a variety of different animals etc. Giraffes,Lion’s,Cheetah’s,Leopards,Tiger’s, Elephant’s,Penguin’s,Turtle’s and Apes.


All of these animals are very interesting. We also learned about all the different things elephants can do with their trunk like showering themselves and also they can carry up to 8 litres of water in there trunk. 

Dublin Zoo is located in Phoenix Park.

Dublin Zoo is a great place for a day out.