Last Friday, the 13th of May, we were very busy here in 5th and 6th class getting things ready for our own Europe day. As you know, we have been learning a lot about the European Union in the Blue Star Project. We researched lots of countries from the EU and learnt lots over the couple of weeks with the project.

As part of the morning activities the whole school took part in the Europe day handshake with all of us. The idea behind the handshake is to acknowledge the diversity and solidarity amongst class mates who are also European citizens. We wished each other a “Happy Europe Day” as we all shook hands.

The students of 3rd-6th class were asked to bring in different foods from all over the EU. Some brought in crepes, cookies, cakes, croissants even pizza! All of the parents were in for a treat when they came in to see what we learnt. We had some national anthems played by students on the tin whistle and piano.
Overall it was a great day that everyone enjoyed!


Check out your knowledge of all things European by playing our “Who wants to be a millionaire”!

dead pigoens millionaire