On Thursday 25th May 3rd – 6th class went to visit the Irish Aid Centre and the Iveagh Gardens. At the Irish Aid Centre we gained lots of knowledge about Global goals for Sustainable Development at organised workshops. The aim is to have all of these goals in place by 2030.

After our workshops we visited The Iveagh Gardens. The Iveagh Gardens is a park , near  Stephens Green and is almost completely surrounded by buildings making them less noticeable and a little hard to find, unlike other green spaces in Dublin. This makes the gardens one of Dublin’s hidden gems.

Inside the gardens there is

  • A large sunken lawn located near the Earlsfort Terrace entrance is Ireland’s only purpose-built archery field. At its eastern end was a pond and boating tower. The tower now stands inside the boundary wall of Iveagh House. Beneath this lawn lie the remains of an elephant from Dublin Zoo, which was buried there in 1922.
  • A waterfall, which flows over rocks from each of Ireland’s 32 counties. The waterfall uses recycled water today but originally used water from the Grand Canal.
  • An amazing maze, which is a miniature copy of London’s Hampton Court Maze.

We had great fun at the maze and sketched some of the scenery in the gardens.