January Blog 2023

Young Environmentalist Award (YEA)

This month we have started the ECO UNESCO project. We are looking at Marine Pollution in our local area and on a global scale. We are creating posters to spread awareness, we are doing projects on marine pollution on a global scale such as extinction, the climate crisis and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We went on a litter expedition to see how much litter and plastic we could find as evidence. We took pictures and displayed them on a board in the hall. We developed surveys to find out how much people are aware of marine pollution. We handed them out to the school community. We analysed the data and displayed the results on bar charts.


For the next five weeks Paul from Skerries Chess Club is coming to the school once a week to teach us chess. He teaches us tactics as well as the basics each week. He started a tournament between the students that will last five or six rounds. He is keeping track of the scores on a leader board and is awarding medals to first, second and third place.

The Beatles

We are leaning about The Beatles. We are learning the song “Help”. We are filling in a KWL (What we know (before), what we want to know (during) and what we learned (after)). chart as we go. We learned about how they started and their career. We listened to a variety of Beatles songs and gave our opinions and thoughts on them. We also completed mini projects about them.

Martin Luther King Jnr

On January 16th we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. We learned about him and the racism in America in the 1950’s and 60’s. We also learned about Rosa Parks and the Bus Boycott. We learned about Martin Luther King Jnrs famous “I have a dream” speech and we wrote our own about our goals for the future.


Recently we started basketball. We usually play a little tournament with 4 teams. We are improving our shooting and skills. It is also helping to improve our teamwork. This week also started GAA. Gordon from Skerries Harps is coming in to teach us. We are doing skills work at the minute and hoping to play a match later in the year at the pitch.