John Wills from Barnardos Ireland worked with the pupils of 3rd to 6th class on Tuesday, 28th February exploring the issues around safe internet use and cyberbullying.

John explained that we should be careful of what we post online and we should ask ourselves three questions before posting anything online.

  1. Would my parents be O.K with me posting this?
  2. Would my teacher be O.K if they saw this?
  3. Would I be O.K if people I don’t know saw this?

Remember: Once you share or post anything online you lose all control over it!

He also mentioned it’s safe and better of we keep our posts private so only ourselves and our friends can view them. We also learnt that we can’t guarantee your profile in 100% private as people can screenshot what you put up on social media.

One post can count as cyberbullying, that is bullying using technology.

Cyberbullying is when people post mean things about others, say mean things to others or post nasty pictures or memes, sharing private information about others online or exclude others from online groups, false reporting and impersonating or hacking others profiles.


Steps to prevent Cyberbullying

S- Stop, save and screenshot the message

B- Block  the bully and report the incident to a person you trust and the social media site

T- Tell a parent or a teacher


It was a very interesting morning and now everyone knows the steps to being safe online!