Green Homes is a project that is closely linked with the Green Schools Project. Its aim is to encourage families to become environmentally aware in the home.

We joined this project in 2007 as we thought it was important to continue our good work in our homes as well as in school.

We are constantly working on becoming more energy efficient in the home. In the past we keept meter readings weekly to record the amount of energy used in our homes with a view to try and reduce the energy we use over a period of time.

We took part in a school competition in which we had to think of different ways of saving energy in different parts of the home.

We are also working on slimming our bins. This requires us to think about the packaging of things we buy and to try buy things with the least packaging in order to reduce waste.

If every family in our school community can work towards these goals we will have a brighter greener planet.