This week in 5th and 6th class we had great fun learning about the solar system. We learnt all about the different types of moon phases using a scrumptious experiment. We designed the moons using some Oreo’s. While it was fun it was also a little messy. We really enjoyed this experiment and we hope we can do one like it again soon.


Did you know?

-Saturn has at least 63 moons, while Mercury has one.

-Venus is the hottest plant even though Mercury is the closet to the Sun.

-The Sun is the size of 1 million Earths.

-Jupiter has the biggest ocean under one of its moons in the solar system.

– There are 400 billion stars in the Milky Way.


Stars of the Northern Hemisphere



How big are the Planets?


Here are the relative sizes of the other planets in our solar system if the Earth was the size of a cherry tomato. (We used a melon instead of a watermelon)



Venus- cherry tomato

Earth- cherry tomato

Mars- blueberry

Jupiter – watermelon

Saturn – large grapefruit

Uranus- apple

Neptune- lime